Instadough – Just Add Water!

Here are some instructions to prepare the Instadough mix you purchased from us. There’s 2 methods, Quick or Full.

Quick Method

Ok its not that quick but it will be faster. Start 4 hours befor bake time.Add 475ml warm water. mix by hand or stand mixer until a completely smooth texture appears and the dough has elasticity. Let rest for 30 minutes. Form into doughballs and cover. place in a warm spot and let rise until they double in size. When they seem nice a fluffy then they are ready to use.

Better Method

Difference in full method is to start in the morning, mix roughly, no need to be perfectly smooth. cover and place in a warm spot. when the dough doubles in size then you punch it down, let it rest 30 minutes and then make the dough balls like above. This additional time and double rise will provide a lighter texture to the finished product.

Pro Method

This dry mix has instant yeast and works with a direct dough method but you can do a lot with it like bulk ferment, cold ferment, slap and fold, no knead, high hydration etc…

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